Best Royalty-Free Audio Libraries for Monetized Videos

Written by
Sam Lucas
November 20, 2020

Finding the right music and audio can be challenging for video creators who are creating monetizable content where the perfect track makes all the difference. 

Luckily, there are many options for premium video creators to source fresh, modern, and unique audio tracks for commercial use. 

Understanding the different types of “free” and “Royalty-Free” music licenses can be time consuming, so we have aggregated our favorite audio libraries for you to get started today and save you hassle down the road.

Best Sites for Free Royalty-Free Audio

1. MixKit

MixKit is a great website for finding diverse genres of music with deep catalogs of free royalty-free music for your commercial use. The site hosts a large collection of stock music from a variety of artists that you can use free of charge with no attribution. The tracks are of high quality, and the site also hosts unique Premiere Pro templates and sound effects for a unique twist.

2. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube created and filled this free royalty-free audio library with thousands of original tracks (and growing) to help video creators find free, high-quality soundtracks for their videos. All tracks here are free and downloadable for use outside of YouTube under Creative Commons for commercial use, but make sure to attribute the owner as required.

3. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is great for finding Creative Commons music available for commercial use across many different genres from up and coming musicians! Search for any genre of music, sort by tracks, and then by “To use commercially” in the left hand side bar. Here, you will find results for music that the owners have classified as free royalty-free music that you can use for your monetizable videos!

4. BenSound

Bensound has hundreds of unique tracks all arranged into searchable categories and licensed under Creative Commons for commercial use. You can use their tracks free of charge with the right attribution, or pay for a year's worth of unlimited downloads for $129 and use with no attribution necessary.

Best Sites for Premium Royalty-Free Audio

5. Premiumbeat

PremiumBeat is a favorite with professional video and media content creators because of its high-quality, deep catalog of royalty-free audio tracks. The site features a diverse range of genres that you can search for by mood, energy, application, and other sophisticated characteristics. PremiumBeat has some music that is free of charge under Creative Commons, as well as many premium tracks that you can licence for $99 or $199 depending on your licensing needs.

6. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sounds is a great premium royalty-free audio library with over 32,000 tracks for your commercial use. You can pay a subscription of $49 per month or $299 per year for unlimited access to their full audio library with unlimited downloads and uses. Remember, your right to use these audio files is contingent upon you maintaining an active subscription with Epidemic Sound, unless you purchase a single audio file license directly. If you were to cancel your subscription, any music that you have sourced from Epidemic Sound under your subscription would now be subject to copyright infringement.

7. Artlist

Artlist offers unlimited download and use of Creative Commons music and sound effects for commercial use. Artlist charges between $12 and $25 per month depending on whether you want sound effects, sound effects and music, or just music. Artlist is a great go-to audio library for filmmakers looking for premium quality sound. Browse by mood, genre, video theme, or instrument.

8. HookSounds

HookSounds offers high quality royalty-free music under Creative Commons licensing for commercial use starting at $29 per month. You will appreciate the extremely high-quality audios, instrumentals, loops, and other tracks on HookSounds, and the ability to sort and filter by mood, genre, BPM, and duration of track!

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