Crafting A Communication Strategy For Your Channel

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Derek K.
April 23, 2021

With any endeavor undertaken, a crucial component of moving forward is in the communication of what it is you are going to do.

That’s one reason why starting a company involves “the pitch”, or finding a date online requires a “solid profile bio”. We as humans like to know what we’re getting into, and want to buy into the vision.

Let’s adapt that thought process to your new channel on There are a few main things that will help you and your audience understand what it is that you’re building with your new channel. is “the independent streaming service empowering the creation and exchange of meaningful content”. But what does that mean for you and your audience; how do you put that into your own words? Below are 3 steps that can help guide you through communicating what is, what your channel is, and why it matters to you and your audience.

1. What is … to you?

So you’re here - have read our landing pages and blog articles, perhaps even started a channel, but how would you explain what you’re building to your family, friends and fans? In a succinct and very on-brand sentence …

“Special is an independent streaming service empowering the creation and exchange of meaningful content.”

What that means is that we are a video-centric platform for uploading, gating and managing monthly and annual subscriptions for your video library. Creators like you can join in to get a free-to-launch platform with no algorithms, setup costs or high monthly fees, and begin building or expanding the media business you love!

Now that you’ve seen our example, here are some thought provoking questions for you to start building out yours:

  • Why did you join Special? What was enticing about it? 
  • What will being successful on Special mean to you / what will that allow you to do? 
  • What is your why - why are you on Special, why are you doing what you do? (this why should resonate with both you and your fans; what's meaningful? What relates to your bigger picture / reason for being a creator and providing value to people?)

2. What is Special … to a member of your audience / potential subscriber?

“Special is a streaming platform that lets creators like me bring more of the content that matters most to you, my fans, to life. It allows me to give you the best experience with your valuable screen time”

We truly do believe that with the plethora of streaming choices these days, that being able to choose JUST the channels we want to watch is a huge value add. When the now-bigtime streaming TV and Movie platforms started out - it was an unbundling craze, where viewers could cut the cable on their TV providers, eliminating the need for dozens or hundreds of channels that they never watched. However, over time that unbundling rush has taken on a new twist, where many users spend hours each week “doom scrolling” through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and others, only to watch the same series again in the end.

Special breaks that mold in that your channel is just yours. The “next video up” on your channel will always be YOUR content.

Here is our favorite set of questions to start thinking about how to communicate your channel:

  • What will being successful on Special mean to your audience? What will they get, enjoy, or benefit from?

3. What is Your Channel on … to a member of your audience / potential subscriber?

This question is hard to answer in a singular way. Each creator on Special or thinking of joining Special has very unique value propositions and unique content offerings. Here’s a good starting point for you though…

“Subscribing to my channel on allows me to create more content, more often! We will continue to release at least X new video(s) per [day / week / month] - all powered by you!”

To further add to your value proposition, here are more thought provoking questions, that resonate with subscribers across any platform:

  • What is your core content offering, for your whole channel? 
  • What will subscribers get to see, and why do they care?
  • If you have other social channels or video platforms, how does your channel here differ--why should they subscribe here?
  • How often will content be posted? (How can you get viewers to see the future value of their subscription?)

Tying it all together, you can start to see the value proposition come together - your explanation of why matters to you, how it helps you grow your media business, how it helps you continue to create the content that matters to your audience, and you!

This message can change with time, as your audience converts to your special channel, and your subscription revenues grow, you’ll be able to ramp up production YOUR WAY.

The next step is take these learnings and adapt them to each property you upload to your channel. Each feature film, series or show you upload can serve as its own landing page, and you can use this page to drive in new and excited subscribers in your audiences!

All of us at are big time cinephiles, web series aficionados, and creators. We would love to learn more about your channel, your creative vision, and your goals for your media business. Sign up today for early access!

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