Favorite Apps For Editing Video

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Miranda M.
March 5, 2021

As a video creator, you know that post-production can make or break a project. While the planning and production stages are crucial to content, the right video editing platform can solidify and perfect your creative vision. With new video editing apps coming out daily, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your specific needs. So, in an effort to save you some time and potential frustration down the road, we’ve evaluated our favorite desktop video editing apps. Check out which ones made the cut.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro —  $20.99 per month or $239.88 annually

It’s no surprise that Adobe Premiere Pro is at the top of our list. The software is considered industry standard for a reason. Although Premiere Pro has been used to edit Hollywood feature films and TV series, it remains accessible and user friendly. It has thousands of features to offer, but the interface won’t overwhelm you. With an integrated workflow, customizable workspace, and compatibility with other apps, Premiere Pro makes even your most ambitious projects feel manageable. And, with the purchase of Premiere Pro, you’ll have access to the mobile editing app, Adobe Rush, so you can edit wherever, whenever.

When it comes to video export options, Premiere has presets that directly post your videos to nearly every online platform. H.264, Premiere’s preferred file option, makes it easy to upload your video to Special. Premiere also offers MOV as a formatting option, a file that’s recommended when posting your content to Special.

2. Apple Final Cut Pro (Mac Users)— One time payment of $299.99

Apple Final Cut Pro is a worthy opponent of Adobe Premiere Pro, competing for the number one spot. The one downside to Apple Final Cut Pro, is that it’s only available to Mac Users. If you own a Mac, we recommend checking out Apple’s latest version of Final Cut. As is standard with Apple Products, the app boasts an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing design. If you’re a novice video editor, more complex features are hidden until you’re ready for them. In this way, Final Cut is an app that grows with you. How many video editing apps can claim that? When you’re ready to share your videos, Final Cut Pro can export an impressive number of video files, all available for the MOV container format. Master File share makes it easy to export to social media platforms and matches Special’s upload requirements. The sharing process is seamless!

3. DaVinci Resolve 17 — Free!

DaVinci Resolve prides itself in being an “all in one” video editing platform, a one stop shop for post-production. DaVinci uses a simple and organized “page” interface to toggle between different tools and effects, making it a leader in non-linear editing platforms. What’s even more appealing about the software, is that DaVinci Resolve is free! DaVinci Resolve hosts a variety of preset video export options, including 720p, 1080p, or 4K resolution for video platforms, perfect for uploading to Special.

4. Pinnacle Studio 23 (Windows Only) — One time payment of $59.95

Since we featured a software only available to Mac users, it seems only fair that we include one for the PC tribe. One of our favorite aspects of Pinnacle Studio’s software is the high quality software you get in exchange for a very reasonable price. Pinnacle Studio has impressive and competitive features, including advanced keyframing and customizable shortcuts. Feeling in control of your editing workspace is priceless. If you’re tackling a larger project, Pinnacle Studio 23 is a viable choice. Plus, Pinnacle’s export options are numerous. Pinnacle supports exports from built-in disc burning options, MPEG-1/-2/-4, to MOV format, Special’s upload spec.

5. iMovie — Free with the purchase of a Mac or iPhone

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include iMovie, an entry-level but professional-grade software that comes with the purchase of a Mac or iPhone. iMovie makes editing easy, and even offers fun extras like green-screen effects and built-in video filters. iMovie is a great place to cut your teeth as a video editor, especially if you’re still experimenting with your brand. If you’re looking to add a vintage feel to your content, or maybe play with lens flare, iMovie’s got you covered. iMovie’s export options contain presets for sharing your final product to popular social media platforms. However, when manually exporting your video to Special, the platform can support up to 1080p HD.

6. Lightworks — Free! Lightworks Pro is $24.99 a month, $174.99 a year

Rounding out our list is Lightworks. Even though it’s last on our list, don’t underestimate this platform. For beginning editors, Lightworks offers a free license version. The free version is a fabulous place to start, especially if you like to try before you buy. Lightworks has been around for 25 years, a veteran of the industry. As the industry has evolved, so has Lightworks. The newest version of Lightworks offers royalty free media, social media custom format templates, and increased export options. The free license version offers export options to video platforms, up to 720p. However, to maximize Special’s recommended spec, you may want to invest in Lightworks Pro, as the upgraded version exports to UHD, 4K, SD, and HD resolution.

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