How to Get YouTube Sponsorships For Your Channel

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January 7, 2022

Are you looking to get sponsors for your YouTube channel but don’t know where to start? Discover how sponsorships can move your channel to the next level and elevate your brand further. You’ve done the hard work of growing and engaging with your audience, now the good news is that brands want to work with creators who have cultivated an audience!

Sponsorships serve several functions - not only is it one of the best ways to fund the content you produce but it can help elevate your brand overall. These opportunities open up your channel for more growth via funded content generation, which gives users more opportunities to engage and provide credibility to your channel, brand and overall ecosystem.

Speaking of credibility, the followers that you cultivate likely have strong associations about the theme, aesthetic, and style that you create, which means the sponsors that you partner with should complement that as well. A natural example of this would be a reading YouTuber who partners with a publishing house, or a fitness creator that has a sponsorship with a fitness product or clothing brand. Selecting brands that are aligned with your channel should always boil down to this: do you genuinely support the product and believe your audience would benefit from learning about it? If the answer is yes then you’re on the right track.

Although there can be short-term advantages to partnering with an unsuited brand it’s important to be very critical about the sponsorships you work with as the goal is to always remain authentic with your audience.

In this blog we will explore best practices for how to get YouTube sponsorships.

Determine Your Niche

You have your channel, you’ve built your brand, so it’s time to start looking at sponsors, right? Not so fast... Let’s take a step back and analyze a little bit about your audience first.

Take inventory of the followers that are currently interacting with your channel and start to list characteristics of your target customer. This is an excellent exercise, not only for you to help refine and produce content that connects with your audience but also defines what brands would make natural fits for sponsorships.

By defining your target audience and creating consistent content that resonates for that audience, engagement will improve as well.

How to Find the Right Brand Sponsors

A big mistake some creators make when starting with sponsors is not seeking out their ideal brand partnerships but instead waiting for brands to get in contact with them. Instead of this approach, we recommend taking the driver's seat and proactively identifying brands that you want to cultivate a relationship with. This approach does take time, dedication, and organization to research, contact, and pitch brands on why they would benefit from a sponsorship with you.

Here are some questions to track potential sponsorships for your brand:

  1. Are they already sponsoring creators? At what capacity? Example: do they have ongoing influencers or creators that regularly share about their brand? Do their current influencers or creators have the same level of following and engagement that you have? 
  2. Do your brand messaging, values, and themes align with theirs? 
  3. How would your channel benefit them? This is your chance to pitch yourself; what are your audience engagement levels, follower loyalty, etc. This is also a great opportunity to showcase you know your target audience.

Reaching out to brands can be daunting and competitive, so focus your pitch to stand out in the creator crowd. Because brands receive a high volume of interested creators regularly, ensure that your channel has a unique theme that differentiates itself from the rest.

Pro-tip: Avoid sending out the same uniform message to all companies you have identified as a potential sponsor. Instead, try to focus on your channel’s unique service offering and highlight why that specific brand would want to partner with you.

Working with an Agency or Management Firm

This section is particularly relevant to a well-established channel, or a channel that is experiencing rapid growth. When you reach the level where researching and communicating with a number of brands is too time-consuming, working with an agency or management firm is worth consideration. While they do take a percentage of the earnings, they also help identify appropriate deals and open a dialogue with more potential brands than you may be able to on your own.

Agencies also help you manage all incoming inquiries. If you are a larger creator, this time-saver may be worth the investment alone. Beyond YouTube sponsorships, a management company can also identify business opportunities which in turn helps you grow your channel.

A few agencies and programs to help you manage your sponsorships:

Get Sponsored on YouTube

Sponsorships are a critical piece to strengthening your channel’s presence and influence. Working with sponsors creates the opportunity to turn content creation into a fulltime job, plus increases your revenue overall. Another added benefit is increasing your volume of channel followers and developing new business initiatives such as merch, memberships (like with Special.TV), and more. 

Brands are constantly looking for new and fresh ways to get in front of their potential audiences by offering discounts and giveaways. Your channel is a great opportunity to harness those brand goals and also provide your audience with more value. When creators use membership sites like Special.TV they offer their biggest fans, most engaged, the opportunity for better discounts, early access, and other deals.

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