Monetizing YouTube with Premium Video

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Miranda M.
January 22, 2021

Monetizing YouTube through ads and algorithms? At what cost?

If you’re a creator who uses YouTube as a video sharing platform, you’ve likely looked into how to monetize your content. Creators can try their hand at selling merch and “fan funding” (think crowdfunding for a creative project) but one of the most popular ways to turn your YouTube videos into profit is through ad revenue.

However, eligibility for YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP) may prove a major barrier for burgeoning creators. Implemented in February 2018, YouTube imposed stricter regulations and minimums on creators applying to YPP, requiring applicants to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours. If you’re a creator who is still building a fan base and brand, these guidelines could impact your creative process and slow down your path to revenue.

If you are accepted into YPP, first, congratulations! Second, it’s worth considering the experience of the viewer when it comes to ads and algorithms. Users may become frustrated with frequent interruptions from unwelcome ads, an experience that is often out of the creator’s control, resulting in a potential loss of viewership. Additionally, because of the breadth of content available on YouTube, algorithm-based modification is commonly used to increase channel traffic and attention.

If your only means of monetizing YouTube is through ad revenue, you could be compromising the quality of your content for a payday.

Think of YouTube as a social media channel used to develop an audience and link out to products for purchase.

What do we mean by this?

To explore the answer to this question, let’s consider organic social media promotion on popular social media platforms. Think of Facebook — sellers can use their Facebook profile to build their brand, and eventually showcase or share products, driving traffic and sales. By sharing a link to a product on their business’s e-commerce page, hosted on platforms such as Shopify, and BigCommerce, Facebook acts as an effective social media "sales" advertising platform. Instagram is structured in a similar way. Since Instagram is very much image-focused, paired with accessible and quippy text, sellers can use Instagram as a gallery of sorts. The product is dynamically showcased, and users are nudged to follow the “link in bio” or product in post if they want to purchase said product. Rather than annoying potential customers with pushy and in your face sales tactics, these platforms are gently but effectively directing customers to buy.

Making YouTube work for you: A bridge to Special, premium content.

If we apply this same idea to monetizing video content, creators can use their YouTube channel as a bridge or lead generation for Special. By directing traffic to Special, creators can monetize YouTube in a user-friendly way.

Think of your YouTube channel as a teaser or sizzle reel, enticing your fan base to visit your Special channel. Since Special eliminates the middleman, you can promise and provide your audience with hours of uninterrupted streaming. Creators directly receive subscription payments, so ads are eliminated. Special provides the freedom for users to create, and a viewing experience free of distractions for consumers. By accessing your content via Special, your subscribers will get exactly what they came for — and more.

How do I get my audience to visit my content via Special?

While we think ad-free streaming and high quality content are enough for fans to follow you across platforms, we have a few suggestions to sweeten the deal. Offering limited content, only available on Special, is a great way to encourage your followers to subscribe to your channel via Special. This limited content can include “behind the scenes,” outtakes, interviews, bloopers — the list goes on!

Since you don’t have to adhere to algorithms, take advantage of a channel that is by you and for you. In this way, your subscribers have more control over how they interact with your content. By directing your fans to your Special channel, you are not only offering them limited and exclusive content, but a premium experience. Creators can feature passion projects in a viewing experience that feels more curated and intimate. As a result, you’ll increase viewer engagement.

Special provides an optimal and premium viewing experience.

Special, as a monetization tool for YouTubers, will optimize the viewing experience for your followers, ease the process of subscription revenue creation from idea to market, and help you engage deeper with your biggest fans. And, since Special is free for creators to get started, we only make money when you do.

The pay-off? Generating enough cash flow so that you can keep creating the content you love, independently. #streamindependent

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