Promoting Your Special to Your Audience

Written by
Derek K.
October 30, 2020

Drive your biggest fans to engage deeper for exclusive access to your premium-gated content, membership, and ad-free viewing experience. 

Always hyperlink your Special’s URL in social media posts and on your website. You can easily link to your Special’s home page or directly to a Series or individual Video. We also encourage you to add your Special URLs in your social media bios or about pages!

monetize videos with a streaming platform

The best way to promote your Special is to actively communicate your Special with your audience. They want to hear it directly from you! 

Here are a few phrases that we hear creators use successfully both verbally and in text! 

“Now Streaming on Special!” 

“New episodes only on Special!”


“Subscribe to 'Brand Name' on Special!” 

“For premium content, community, and ad-free viewing, subscribe on Special!” 

To accompany your verbal and hyperlinked promotion of your Special, we have also created the following “Watch on Special” buttons for your use inside of your teaser based content or other promotional uses on social media, email newsletters, and websites to further drive traffic and awareness to your Special.

Are you ready to start growing your paid subscribers, establish your brand, and earn recurring revenue? 

We will help spread the word too! Be sure to tag us on Instagram , Twitter @specialprojectx , or Facebook

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