The Best UScreen & Vimeo OTT Alternative for Video Creators: Indie SVOD on Special

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November 27, 2020

Access to enterprise video distribution and monetization is now more accessible than ever.

In 2020 alone, the SVOD (subscription video on demand) industry accounted for $50B in global revenue, growing 10% year over year, and boasting 880 million current viewers.

With viewership expected to reach 1.3 billion viewers by 2025, Indie studios, filmmakers, and video creators are capitalizing on this market growth, launching subscription memberships, and distributing direct-to-consumer.

As video creators seek to establish their brand and capture niche audiences, choosing the right subscription video platform is fundamental to managing costs and optimizing for revenue growth.

Here we will address UScreen and Vimeo OTT as high-touch video options and how Special differentiates itself as the best UScreen and Vimeo OTT alternative for video creators.

10% fee vs. $399 - $500 per month

Special is free to start, with no hidden costs, and we only make money when you do by charging 10% of your subscription revenue whereas UScreen charges start at $399 per month and Vimeo OTT charges start at $500 per month. Each platform passes through payment processing fees to the creator.

Special grows with video creators at their own pace; whether you have 50 or 50,000 subscribers, or you have 10 or 100 videos. Take your time to launch subscription memberships, nurture your audience, and know that you are only billed when you start growing subscription revenue.

“With UScreen, I was paying thousands of dollars per year for video storage and plan pricing. The costs were getting to be too much. Switching to Special has proven to be the best decision that we have made for our business, from their great support team to the elegant platform. Special allows me to focus on what's important with my business: striving to create more premium content.” - Trevor, Lifeweight Online

No subscriber fees vs Subscriber fees

Special has no charge for unlimited subscribers whereas UScreen charges $0.50 per subscriber each month and Vimeo OTT charges $1 per subscriber each month.

Video creators and Special share the same incentive: to grow your paying audience by helping video creators optimize for subscriber acquisition and retention.

Free HD video vs. Storage limits or $99 per hour

Special provides FREE HD video upload and hosting whereas UScreen limits creators to 7,500 minutes of video storage and Vimeo OTT provides 1 hour of free storage and then charges $99 per hour for additional video storage.

Your video catalog is your greatest asset. Special invests in your video hosting and storage to help ensure your catalog is binge-worthy.

Platform growth vs. Custom website builder

Special takes no more than 30 minutes to launch so you can focus on what you do best: producing authentic, high-quality video for your audience whereas UScreen and Vimeo OTT require website design, configuration, and technical skills in order to launch as you are building your subscription service from the ground up.

Special is a platform and subscription video marketplace so you can be discovered by new viewers and grow with Special whereas UScreen and Vimeo OTT are for creating custom video websites under your own domain, limiting your growth to your existing audience.

Special comes out of the box with built in subscriber engagement and retention notifications to keep your subscribers active whereas UScreen and Vimeo OTT provide high-touch customizations, integrations, and configuration tools for creators to implement on their own.

Immediate distribution vs. Long term contracts

Special distributes your subscription video service to web, mobile, and smartTVs (coming 2021) for free and immediately upon your project launch whereas UScreen and Vimeo OTT charge upwards of $1,000 per app, enforce year long contracts, and take up to 3 months to launch each individual app. Add this to their monthly cost and per subscriber fees and your content budget is getting cut.

Special enables both creators and viewers to stream independent, free of ads and hassle free.

Creators independently stream direct-to-fan with enterprise distribution and monetization, while viewers stream direct-to-brand, curating their own bundle of content and creators they love, free of ads.

Special is a platform for creators to launch their own direct-to-fan subscription streaming service.

Special enables creators to own their audience, maximize recurring revenue, and establish their content business.

Viewers subscribe directly to creators and content, curating their unique bundle of subscription media.

Stream Independent

Publish premium video and grow your paying audeince with direct-to-fan subscription membership.
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