Video Hosting Meets Subscription Memberships, For The Delight of Your Patrons

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Miranda M.
February 19, 2021

In search of reliable revenue and creative control: is Patreon the answer?

We get it. If you’re a video creator who’s looking to monetize YouTube, Patreon might be on your list of platforms to check out. Transitioning to Patreon means more creative freedom and further insight into how your audience interacts with your content. Financially, making the jump from YouTube to a subscription model makes sense. Patreon lets creators charge monthly memberships to their patrons, providing creators with reliable cash flow, especially if they’ve already established a loyal fan base.

Monthly memberships are a big sell since ad revenue via YouTube isn’t sustainable when running a video content business. For one, creators on average earn $0.004 per 1 million views, forcing them to rely on click bait-y content for hits. Additionally, your videos on YouTube could be demonitized if your content isn’t “advertiser-friendly,” an unclear set of standards. And, since flagged videos aren’t always reviewed by human moderators, your channel could take an unnecessary hit or be banned altogether.

Can I host my videos on Patreon?

Great question. No, Patreon doesn’t host videos. Creators have to upload videos to a third party site like YouTube or Vimeo, then feature an embedded link on Patreon, thus still relying on other video hosting platforms. Linking to a third party site brings up a whole set of problems. For one, if you’re linking out to a YouTube video, you’re probably using an unlisted video. While an unlisted video is somewhat private in nature and only accessible via the direct link, the link can still be shared widely, granting access to non-paying subscribers. And, since unlisted videos can’t be discovered organically, they lose any and all discoverability on search engines like Google. As a result, you lose out on attracting new subscribers.

Bouncing users between platforms isn’t a best practice for viewer retention. If your users are paying a monthly membership fee on Patreon, bumping them back to every new video upload doesn’t provide your biggest fans with the promised exclusive experience. Plus, if users are directed back to YouTube, the chances of returning to your Patreon channel rapidly diminish. While distractions on Patreon are few, YouTube is chock full of attention grabbers. Viewing your content on YouTube, packed with ads, pop-ups, and suggested videos, all have the potential to steer your audience very far away from your content. We’ve all gone down a YouTube rabbit hole — it’s not easy to climb out of.

While one of Patreon’s strengths is its diverse roster of artists, one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to video creators.

Special: Video Hosting Platform meets Subscription Memberships and Video on Demand

Since all video hosting platforms are not created equal, we built Special with video creators in mind. We’ve addressed the core needs of a growing video business. First, we offer flexible monetization through subscription memberships and transactional purchases so you never have to worry about unreliable ad revenue again. When you upload your content to Special, you can sleep easy knowing your links are protected and content is secured. Unlike Patreon, we don’t redirect your fans to YouTube, Vimeo or another video hosting platform. Instead, your content lives and thrives on Special.

When it comes to aesthetics, Special displays your video content in a beautiful exploratory catalog. Your fans can seamlessly click through your videos, completely controlling how they interact with your content. They will never be distracted by ads, pop-ups, or suggested videos unrelated to your channel.

If we’re talking tech specs, Special provides free HD uploading, hosting, and storage. Your videos are delivered at the highest quality possible and are adaptive to your subscriber’s data connection. When we promise a premium streaming experience, we deliver.

Considering shareability, we do the heavy lifting for you. When you publish a new video to your channel on Special, your subscribers will instantly receive an email alert or notification further engaging your audience in your new releases and video catalog. Your Special channel attracts new subscribers as well since your videos are optimized for search engines, promoting discoverability.

Elevate your premium content catalog and viewer’s experience on Special

We want to emphasize that even if you don’t primarily identify as a video creator, Special’s platform can elevate how your fans interact with your content. Podcaster? Create a “podcast experience,” or video recorded podcast. Musician or comedian? Grant your subscribers access to exclusive performances, and comedy specials. Visual artist? Feature a video of your creative process, tutorial or master class.

Special was created with you in mind. Our platform hosts video on demand and subscription memberships inside a premium video player. By combining these essential elements under one platform, you can spend more time doing what matters — creating and sustaining your best possible content.


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